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Fredette leads Cougars to victory in Glen Falls homecoming

This was super fun.  Kudos to these two schools for scheduling this game.  Can't hurt recruiting efforts on the East Coast and elsewhere when you can say you'll return to the player's hometown depending upon how much he excels.  (Yes, DeMarcus Harrison, we will come play Wake/UNC/Duke.  And yes Jabari Parker, we will come play Illinois.)

What a tremendous atmosphere for Fredette and the Cougars.  Wish I could have been there.  BYU improved to 9-0 (same as SDSU and UNLV).  Nice game for Noah Hartsock against what appeared to be a young Sam Elliott.  Probably the most noteworthy 'stache since Adam Morrison. Also, five more steals for Jackson Emery.  Good for6th in the nation. Ho-hum.  Biggest game of non-conference schedule coming up on Saturday against Arizona.  The Wildcats are sure familiar with Jimmer, so it should be an interesting contest.

Here are some highlights via CBS Sports from the special game in Glen Falls: