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SF Chronicle: If Pac-10 expands, BYU and Utah are IN

There's been rumors floating around for months about conference expansion, and BYU and Utah, etc... but, it all became increasingly interesting yesterday when the new Pac-10 Commish, Larry Scott, announced the conference has looking very, very seriously at expansion, and they've been in preliminary discussions with certain institutions.

And, in one of the most compelling articles to date, San Francisco Chronicle writer, Ray Ratto, says BYU and Utah are the only two that would make sense. Here are the highlights...

" In other words, the boat has set sail, and if the first port of call isn't Salt Lake City, well, we don't know our boats."

"Thus, [Larry] Scott was hired to change all that, and he hired [Kevin] Weiberg to hasten that change. And with so many elements in play at the same time, the idea of swallowing/absorbing/digesting Utah and BYU has never seemed more viable, or more urgent.

"There are rumors that the two likeliest targets are Utah and Colorado, but it seems safe to say that Utah would be happier maintaining its rivalry with BYU than trying to create a new one."

ESPN'S Andy Katz agrees completely with Ratto - this via Twitter:

"Pac-10 flirting with expansion. I agree with Ray Ratto, BYU and Utah only way to go."

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