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Cougars crush Frogs, improve to 22-2

The Frogs put up a good scuffle, especially in the second half, but BYU just has too many weapons.  (I've been wanting to write that sentence since October.)  

That was just what Emery and Hartsock needed.  Emery connected on four 3-pointers and Hartsock scored the most since he went for 17 against UNLV last month. There is still one concern I have for Jackson however.  Last game he had six steals.  This game he recorded only two.  Where's the consistency?

Emery now leads the NCAA in steals this season with 64 (tied with two others). That makes 121 steals for his career at BYU - good for 9th in school history. Tavernari has 141 career steals and is 3rd all-time, but he's unlikely to catch Marty Haws (182) and Danny Ainge (195).  Emery has a very good chance of becoming BYU's all-time leader next season.  I've said it before, but Emery is the best perimeter defender - both on the ball and off - at BYU since Terrell Lyday.  

Other positives from tonight?  Abouo's 20 minutes of PT (!!!), Miles' 11 boards, and less minutes for Jimmer while still chipping in 26/4/3/1.  Oh, and by the way, TCU is now 0-10 against BYU in MWC games.  Next up: UNLV on Saturday...

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