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Notes and Quotes: Gators vs. Cougars

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"Cougars expect tight games" - Deseret News

"The bottom line is players need to make plays, if it's a defensive play, a loose ball, if it's a shot, an open shot they have, that's what needs to happen to finish off games and win, especially close games." - Dave Rose

"Donovan's Just Rewards" - Gainesville Sun

"Our work ethic on defense, we have five guys every possession, bought in. Of course there are going to be some mistakes throughout the game, people slipping up but you know with the struggles we've had offensively, we haven't let it that really control our defense and we're just a much better and tougher team." - Chandler Parsons, Florida forward

"Fredette: A Good Start Is a Big, Big, Big Key" - Provo Daily Herald

"A good start is a big, big, big key. It's easy for teams to get down on themselves once they get hit. We've come back pretty good both years, but we've come up short. It's so hard to come back and get a lead, and sustain it, once you've given up a big one. You just get really tired. All of the other teams are good teams, and they're going to hit some big shots." - Jimmer Fredette

"Fredette: "New Team, New Time" - KSL

"Wow, after seeing [BYU in] the last four or five games...terrific. They play the game the right way, so skilled on offense....the best passing team I've seen in years ... If this game gets out of control in the 80s and 90s, that's probably not a good thing for the Gators." - Larry Shyatt, Florida assistant coach

"Gators' Defense Must Step Up" - Florida Today

"This game with BYU is going to be a game where our front court is really going to have to do a good job because (Jonathan) Tavernari and some of their other big guys up front are really good players. They're skilled, they can shoot, they can put it on the floor and post up. We're going to have to really do both in this game. Vernon (Macklin) and Erik (Murphy) and Dan (Werner) and Alex (Tyus) are going to get caught playing a little one-on-one probably, because I don't think with Fredette, you want to drop off him. He's too good." - Billy Donovan, Florida Head Coach

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"Gators Remind Cougars of Lobos" - BYU Daily Universe

"You can compare them to a couple teams in our league. [The Gators] play like the good teams in our league play. They are athletic, they have good guards and shoot the ball well. They are very similar to New Mexico." - Dave Rose

"It's Now or Never for BYU" - Salt Lake Tribune

"We can't really focus on what happened in past years. It's different now, we're all different guys with different experience. For the most part, we've done a good job of focusing on what's ahead of us. We'll feel fairly loose. All of us have heard for the past couple of years that we can't get past the first round. We haven't in years. We know that can't go on forever. We're just ready to go. We're ready to take it one game at a time. We're going to prepare for Florida, give it our best, and come out, hopefully, with a victory." - Jackson Emery

"NCAA Tourney Rewarding for Gators" - Orlando Sentinel

"It's been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences I've ever gone through. To take a group of guys that have absolutely no clue, no idea what goes into any of this stuff, and see them grow and get to that point. What these kids have done, and the changes and growth I have seen, it will go down for me as one of the most special group of guys I have ever coached." - Billy Donovan

"Quality over Quantity from 3-Point Range for BYU" - Florida Times-Union

"The one thing is they don't take a lot of threes," UF coach Billy Donovan said. "It's not like Auburn, who was taking around 27 a game, and Mississippi State, who was taking over 25 a game. This is not a high-volume 3-point shooting team. What it is is a high-volume making team. It's pretty impressive when you're looking at the stats, and they're making a little bit more than eight threes a game on the number of attempts they're taking. Forty-one percent is an incredible number." - Billy Donovan

"Who will be this year's breakout star in NCAAs?" - Sports Illustrated

"...Fredette is the safest bet to get a mention in a David Letterman monologue next week. It helps that the 6-foot-2 guard from Glens Falls, N.Y., has a name that lodges itself in the brain and won't let go. He's also capable of dropping 30-plus on an opponent. Fredette has seven 30-plus point games this season, including a 49-point outburst against Arizona and a 45-pointer last week against TCU. As Arcenaux , Curry and Dembo would attest, scoring in bunches is one of the two easiest paths to sudden mainstream fame and tourney immortality." - Andy Staples, Sports Illustrated

"UF Hoops Not Satisfied to Just Show Up" - Gainesville Sun

"We want to go like we have something to prove. We want to go with a chip on our shoulder, with a hunter mentality and like we're the underdog. We want to shock the world." - Chandler Parsons