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The Race Is On: Logan says Heaps Is BMOC

I wasn't all that surprised by Brian Logan's candid answers today that, in his opinion, Jake Heaps is standing out already in the quarterback race. Why wasn't I surprised? I've been asking Logan since January who he thought has the best arm--power and accuracy--and he's said Heaps all along.

QB coach Brandon Doman is excited about this guy:

"Jake is just a young phenom. He's got a long way to go to be a college quarterback. But just to be able to come out in this environment and be as successful as he's been is really unique. He can drop back and launch the ball around the field, which the other two guys can't quite do it the way he does it. But they're still pretty adequate that way. I would say every minute in recruiting was worth it."

Is it too early to pick a winner? Absolutely. Are Heaps and James Lark emerging as the two leaders in the derby? Yes. Will it be a fun competition to watch through the spring, summer and fall? I can't wait...and I apologize for all the rhetorical questions here...

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