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Loyd Jr. Leaving BYU

The news that came out today of Michael Loyd leaving BYU is really too bad. He showed SO MUCH promise late in the regular season and into the NCAA tournament--beginning with that explosion against New Mexico.The kid could absolutely light it up with his speed. Hate to see this happen...

The more frustrating part of this is the lack of news surrounding the reason--at least give us something to speculate on. We know for sure it wasn't his grades, at least according to the Greg Wrubell, who received that answer from BYU officials. And it most likely isn't an Honor Code violation. My guess is that it's as easy as Loyd wanting to play a certain position and BYU just having too many guys at whichever position it is--too bad he didn't want to play center, because heaven knows the Cougars need help in there;)

What are your thoughts on Flash Jr. leaving the team???

Greg Wrubell's insight on Loyd's departure

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