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Fredette Doesn't Receive Guarantee, Returns to BYU

Superman Batman Jimmer returns.  Glen Falls' greatest worked out for the Celtics (Picks 30 and 52), Knicks (38, 39), Nets (27, 31), and Thunder (21, 26, 32, 41) but did not receive the first round guarantee he was seeking.  This was expected by most, despite Fredette's phenomenal junior season.  NBA Draft expert Jonathan Givony, tweeted after Fredette's declaration the following:

"Jimmer Fredette to NBA GMs: No need to spend time evaluating me, I'm going back to BYU (that's message I got at least)" - via web

"Fredette entered "get experience, feedback, prepare myself to be a better player" - Unfortunately NBA teams don't have time for that, Jimmer" - via web

"If early-entrants want to be taken seriously by teams during draft process, they need to at least pretend they're serious about staying in." - via web

"Otherwise, NBA teams won't waste time working you out or evaluating your prospects, because there are just too many other guys in the pool." - via web

"If I were Jimmer I would have declared for draft right after the tournament, said "I'm 100% committed to this draft, & plan on staying in." via web

"I'm not going to hire an agent for now in case I get injured, but my plan is to be in the NBA next year." - Worst case, pull out May 8th..." - via web

I agree with Givony.  Fredette was able to work out for some teams that would all appear to be good fits for him, but he may have limited himself by perhaps not fully "playing the part."  This wasn't a scenario like Tavernari's last year, where he really had not shot at being drafted.  This year's draft class is ultra-thin at point guard would probably be a lock for the second round.  Who knows what next year's circumstances will be like? 

Still, this is great news for Cougar fans and softens the Mike Loyd loss significantly.  Of course, if Fredette had hired an agent, Loyd may have stuck around. 

**Update** - New Mexico's Darington Hobson has signed with an agent and will not return to the Lobos next year.