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The Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Everything that is happening in the MWC right now is a result of one bone-headed and selfish decision by Craig Thompson to proceed with the exclusive MTN Network, before all that rights and privileges were put into place.  The fact of the matter is that by orchestrating that deal Thompson pockets a good chunk of change annually in his personal bank account.  That is why there is no adjustment to the agreement!  That is why Utah left!  That is why BYU wants out!

If the MWC had the exposure it deserves on ESPN and its affiliates, we would not be in this mess and would closer to a BCS AQ spot.  But Utah left seeking more revenue from TV contracts and better exposure for recruiting along with an AQ BCS bid.  Thompson helped cover Utah's exit by bringing in Boise St.  Their stats still help the MWC toward getting the BCS bid in 2012.  However, that did not solve the TV problem.

BYU deserves more revenue than any team in the MWC.  Next in line should be TCU.  Everyone else is an also-ran who deserves the scraps off the table until they can prove they are worth more.  BYU is sitting on a goldmine in its television capabilities but is handcuffed the the MWC agreement with The MTN.  So what does BYU do?  Threaten to go independent.  Once again Thompson acts in "the best interest of the conference" and brings in Fresno State and Nevada.  Sure that may have kept BYU from going to the WAC, but it won't keep them in the MWC.  BYU wants to go to a BCS bowl.  By bringing in Fresno St and Nevada Thompson killed the stats that favored the MWC for an AQ bid in 2012. 

Conclusion?  BYU has been thinking about this for a long time!  In the words of LaVell Edwards:

"I don't know what's going on yet. One thing I do know — they're not a bunch of dummies up there (at BYU). I'm sure they've done their due diligence in whatever they decide."

BYU is still gone from the Mountain West Conference.