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AP Poll Primed for Non-BCS Title Game

With Boise St and TCU opening the season at #3 and #6 in the AP Poll respectively, this season has a chance at providing the ultimate slap in the face to the BCS faction.  Both teams have a very real shot at going undefeated this season and only need to climb a few spots to reach the coveted #1 and #2 spots and play for the championship.

Boise St has to get by their biggest test in a #10 ranked Va Tech in week 1.  Then they will face tests in Oregon State and Nevada, and the rest should be somewhat of a cake walk for the Broncos.  As for TCU they face Oregon State in week 1 and will have to go through Utah and BYU on their way to a conference championship and National Championship.

I can see the headlines now...Two Non-BCS Teams in BCS Title Game!  Somehow the money bags in the BCS will find a way to keep that from happening.  Alabama, Ohio State, Florida and Texas - the only teams standing in the way - no doubt have tougher schedules which means more probability that they will have blemished records at years end.  So what will the reaction be if two undefeated Non BCS schools get skipped over for 1 loss teams in the National Title game?  Are the computers going to favor the WAC and MWC over the SEC and Big 12?  What will the voters do?  Would people want to see Broncos vs Horned Frogs Round 3?  I sure would!  That would be one heck of a showdown for a title game.  Look at all the fireworks from the last two years.

While I realize that the stars have to be in an alignment not seen since the stand of the 300 Spartans the potential alone makes me hope that BYU stays in the MWC as next year it may be home to the defending National Champ!