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Max Hall Shines in Rookie Debut, puts pressure on Leinart

BYU's all time wins leader showed the Cardinals he is in it to win it in front of a rowdy Monday Night Football crowd in Nashville last nightMax Hall came into the game late in the 3rd quarter and started slinging the ball right from the get go.  Behind a good chunk of the starting offensive line, Max had plenty of time to survey the field on his first set of downs but after a nice completion over the middle to Gant left the Cardinals with 4th and 2 the end result was a punt. 

Three and half minutes later Hall got another shot.  After a holding penalty and a run for no gain left the Cardinals with 3rd and 18 Max heaved a pass down the sideline and the Titans safety Schommer made a great play on the ball on picked it off. 

With the start of the 4th quarter max seemed to get down to business and settle in.  On his next drive Max hit his first three receivers and the Cardinals were moving.  On 2nd and 3 from the Titans 22 Max dropped back to pass again and was immediately pressured.  Using great footwork and keeping his eyes down field Max threw a strike into the endzone to Gant who just flat out dropped the ball.

All was not lost, however when on 3rd and 2 Max, under pressure again, rolled out right and hit Komar down the middle for a 22 yard TD pass, the Cardinals only TD in the game. 

In total Max finished the game 7 of 15 for 101 yards passing with 1 TD and 1 INT.  However, the big story here is that the undrafted free agent out shined the #10 pick who has all but been a bust in AZ.  Yet another dagger in the PAC 10 that the MWC is king of the hill in football!

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