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BYU Slides in MWC Power Rankings

ARLINGTON TX - SEPTEMBER 04:  Tailback Ed Wesley #34 of the TCU Horned Frogs runs the ball against the Oregon State Beavers at Cowboys Stadium on September 4 2010 in Arlington Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON TX - SEPTEMBER 04: Tailback Ed Wesley #34 of the TCU Horned Frogs runs the ball against the Oregon State Beavers at Cowboys Stadium on September 4 2010 in Arlington Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Week two provided us with some conference match-ups that have set the tone for the race to the top of the Mountain.  What teams have begun to seperate themselves?


Air Force 35 (2-0;1-0) v #24 BYU 14 (1-1; 0-1)

Neither team played with a defense in the first quarter, and the Falcons vented 6 years of frustration as they all but dominated the Cougars on a sunny day at the Academy.  Behind a strong rushing attack led by Clark and Tew (who combined for almost 200 yards on the ground) the Falcons drove at will against BYU throughout the game.  If it were for both teams running the ball and the clock the score could have been even more lopsided.  The bright moment for the Cougars as a one handed pick by middle linebacker, Shane Hunter, and the rushing abillity of Riley Nelson.

Nevada 51 v Colorado State 6 (0-2; 0-0)

Nothing about this game was close, but the huge problem for the Rams was there inability to convert on 3rd down.  CSU was 4 of 14 on 3rd downs.  CSU also did not make it into the red zone 1 time in the entire game.  Both field goals came from the 23 (1st quarter) and the 21 (3rd quarter).  It would appear that CSU has not made it over the hump yet, and still has a lot of work to do to move into the middle of the pack int he MWC.

New Mexico 17 (0-2; 0-0) v Texas Tech 52

Did we really expect anything else from New Mexico? Taylor Potts and his Texas Tech offense just simply over-powered the Lobos, who continue to struggle in the post-Rocky Long era.  What will the answer be in Albuquerque?

New Mexico State 21 v San Diego State 41 (2-0; 0-0)

San Diego State got off to an incredibly slow start agains the Aggies.  I was lucky enough (or maybe not) to be able to catch a local replay of the game tonight.  The SDSU defense is not as daunting as I would have expected in Rocky Long's second year, but the offense has some serious weapons.  Ryan Lindley, the QB is very capable, especially when throwing to DeMarco Sampson.  The Aztecs are improved, but the need to continue to make progress in the "pre-season" before entering conference play.  But hey, SDSU is 2-0 to start the season, and they have got people in San Diego believing that this is a different year.

#4 TCU 62 (2-0; 0-0) v Tennessee Tech 7

In my mind TCU still had a lot to prove after week 1.  I am not sure a 62-7 drubbing of Tennessee Tech answered all the questions, but at least they did what they were supposed to do (see Va Tech v James Madison).  TCU basically just ran all over Tenn Tech and coverted 7 of their measly 10 3rd downs faced.  That's about all I have to say about that.

#20 Utah 38 (2-0; 1-0) v UNLV 10 (0-2; 0-1)

This was statistically close, but lopsided victory.  Both teams had about the same Total, Passing and Rushing yards.  Both teams had 7 penalties.  Both teams coughed up 1 fumble.  But the only stat that really matters, was not that close.  It was the field positino battle that really made up the difference.  that and the fact that Utah finished its drives, while UNLV was forced to punt.  Utah is good.  No doubt about it.  UNLV is bad, no doubt about it.  Cain led the Utes from his backup QB role as Wynn sat out with an injury.  The Rebel offense struggled to sustain drives as they faced an incredible 20 3rd downs during the game.  They converted 9 of them.  The only TD for the Rebels came off a blocked punt that was returned for a TD. 

#5 Texas 34 v Wyoming 7 (1-1; 0-0)

The first quarter of this game was fantastic.  The second quarter got even more interesting and on a day full of top ranked upsets, I was beginning to get really excited for the Pokes.  But apparently someone reminded Texas they were #5 in the country.  I was proud of Wyoming for hanging in there, but they just gave up too many BIG plays.  Those plays just demoralize a team and swing momentum.  There's no doubt that Austin Carta-Samuels is legit, and could pose a lot of problems for MWC foes.

Week 2 Power Rankings:

1. TCU - Stil clearly the best team in the conference
2. Air Force - Could this be the year Air Force knocks of 2 of the Big 3? I believe it is.
3. Utah - Not dominating, but clearly in the hunt.
4. BYU - Poor showing in Colorado Springs, brings back questions of rebuilding?
5. SDSU - 2-0 for the first time in over 10 years
6. Wyoming - Needs a defense to go with their offense
7. UNLV - Has potential to win a few games, but not making it to a bowl
9. Colorado State/New Mexico - Theoretically they should be tied for #8, but neither of them deserves to be ranked that high, so tied for #9 it is.