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Is BYU in a Heap of Trouble?

When I woke up this past Sunday morning I recalled a dream, make that nightmare, I had the night before. I dreamed that a BYU team had given up over 400 yards rushing and they themselves had gained less than 100 yards through the air. My first thought was, "why did I sign up for this 40 family/40 day missionary's wreaking havoc on my dreams." But then common sense took over and I realized that since that particular BYU scenario hasn't happened since Brigham crossed the Mississippi, it truly must have been just that, a bad, bad dream....or was it?!!

I still don't think I've fully recovered from that game, errr dream...and I hope Bronco realizes that trying to keep two quarterbacks happy is a lot like trying to date two girls at might be fun for awhile but it never ends well. And by the way, why hasn't Gordon Monson thrown out the obligatory "two-quarterback/polygamy" analogy yet? He's lost a step.

Turning our thoughts to FSU. Last week, Oklahoma passed the ball against FSU like a politician passes blame...early and often. The Sooners scorched the Seminoles. I can't help but think that FSU fan is sending up a prayer to Joseph Smith for BYU to start Nelson against them this Saturday. FSU would love to see a white running QB (not that there's anything wrong with that) trying to beat them to the outside corner, instead of possibly living through an instant replay of the Oklahoma game and having a team pass on them for more yards than a Ute has jobs.

So Bronco, we're pleading with you, please play Heaps. He's our only hope. We know he'll get beaten and bloodied for awhile but lets start laying the foundation for the future now. We all accept the fact that there will be significant up-front-costs to playing Heaps, but we're willing to endure it for the long term pay-off. So pull down that blast-shield and trust your instincts.

But having said I hearing Bronco right, even though it may be a bit cryptic, that Heaps is just that, a Heap of nerves and attitude? The picture that I'm starting to form (based on Bronco's comments) is of a young Heaps so freaked out by it all that Bronco just can't play him due to a lack of confidence and maturity. What? I mean, that seems to be what Bronco is implying right? Is Heaps the young missionary, waking up that first morning curled up in a ball on the bottom bunk, refusing to go tracting because the very thought of it is just too overwhelming? Or is he a cocky over-confident punk (lets hope so) that is rubbing Bronco the wrong way?

Either way, Bronco is hedging and hinting but what is he trying to tell us? Do we want answers? We want the truth, and I think we can handle it. Bottom line: Put Heaps in already...and let the magic happen.