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Max Hall Continues Push for Spot as Cardinal's QB

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Max Hall and his fellow Baby Birds had one last chance to prove they are worth putting on the 53 man roster which gets paired down this weekend for NFL teams.  The former Cougar QB had another chance to show he's got what it takes to play in the NFL and he did not disappoint. Getting the bulk of the offensive plays and once again playing behind the majority of the starting offensive line, Max Hall not only led all passers, but was one yard shy of leading all rushers in the game as well.

There was criticism after the Cardinal's last pre-season game that Max Hall's success was due to a defense filled with reserves.  The same was true tonight, but Max Hall wasn't exactly throwing to Larry Fitzgerald either.  In fact all the receivers who caught passes from Hall were either rookies, or players on the verge of being cut after tonight's game, so the match ups no different than Fitzgerald v. Cromartie.  

What was impressive about Hall tonight was his ability to make things happen when he was under pressure. Similar to last week Max made plays by moving his feet in the pocket and scrambling to extend drives.  Facing a 2nd and 7 late in the 3rd quarter, Max bought some more time with his feet and took off for a gain of 13 and picked up the first down.  My favorite part?  Max finished the run by lower the shoulder on the Redskins safety.

Hall finished the game 7 of 9 for 126 yards and had two rushes for 19 yards including a 6 yard TD run.

My take?  Matt Leinart is on borrowed time.  It isn't all because of the play of Max Hall, but it has to make Ken Whisenhunt sleep better at night knowing he can finally rid himself of Leinart's baggage and have a nice back up in the wings.  Leinart led the Cardinals on two series tonight and finished 3 of 5 for 14 yards, but the attitude and lack of production in the past is going to lead Whisenhunt to go with "his guys" and let Leinart try and work things out elsewhere.