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Know the Foe: BYU v. Nevada

The Nevada Wolf Pack is coming to town and in their wagon, they are bringing a very quick hitting and potent offense.  But its nothing new to BYU.   Although Nevada runs the "Pistol" offense, which is a very unique formation, it is really just another way to run the veer option.  Knowing this should we expect BYU to struggle against Nevada, like they did at Air Force?  Here are some quick facts about the Wolf Pack that will get those wheels spinning:

Nevada’s QB, Colin Kaepernick, against the California Golden Bears last week, ran for 148 yards and three touchdowns and passed for 181 yards and two more scores for Nevada, which is off to a school-best 3-0 start.

Nevada entered the Cal game leading the nation averaging 592 yards total offense and tacked on another 497 last Friday night.

Nevada has scored on every opening drive this season. The Wolf Pack has not only scored in all 12 quarters this year, but has scored touchdowns in every quarter against Eastern Washington, Colorado State and Cal. They are averaging 50 points per game. 

 Nevada returned nine starters on offense as the Wolf Pack led the nation in rushing in 2009, using the tricky "Pistol" attack. The rarely used formation places the quarterback precisely 3½ yards behind the center in a tighter-than-usual shotgun formation, with a running back directly behind him. The Wolf Pack had three 1,000-yard rushers last year -- the first time in NCAA history that had been done.  Two of them, Kaepernick and running back Vai Taua, are back this year.

That's all the bad news.  Here is the good news:

Nevada's offensive line is not as quick and nimble as Air Force and they focus more on moving defenders out of the way, rather than cutting them down.  This should allow our defensive line to plug more holes and create more chaos at the line of scrimmage.

Air Force killed BYU on the pitch...the third option.  Nevada rarely has a pitch man and even when they do, Kaepernick is some what of a ball hog.  He has yet to pitch the ball this season.  That limits the options from 3 to 2 which means that BYU can devote more man power to stopping both options. 

Nevada's defense is susceptible to giving up points.  Disregard the Colorado State Rams game, as the Rams would struggle to score against Reno High School.  Eastern Washington put up 24 on the Wolf Pack, which is about what I would expect from the Cougars.  Our defense needs to hold them to under 35 points to give us a chance to win. 

Nevada is a VERY good team this year, better than the Florida St. Seminoles and they are on a mission.  Nevada is sick of listening to all the publicity Big Brother (Boise St. Broncos) are getting year in and year out, and are striving for a season ending showdown of undefeated teams.  The Cougars need to strap on their work boots and get ready for war!