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Romney Fuga out with Cheap Shot

The more I think about the block that was laid on Romney Fuga of the BYU Cougars by Nevada Wolf Pack O'Lineman, John Bender, a senior, the more enraged I get.  I know it has been 3 days since the game, but I can't shake this one.  The fact that the officials wouldn't acknowledge that they saw the plays blows my mind even more.

This block has ended Romney's season, and could have a major impact on his playing career as he now has to undergo full knee reconstructive surgery after tearing not only his MCL, but LCL as well.  There has been some debate about this block so before I go any further I want to let you watch the clip...



Dirty block on Romney Fuga (via KSL5Sports)

Now you may say that it was legal, as it is possible that Bender hit the outside of Romney's leg instead of falling on the back of his legs.  The funny thing about that is that it would have been less serious had it been straight from behind.  Regardless of where he hit Romney, this is a weak cheap shot.  At least when the Air Force Falcons cut block they do it clean, and in front of the tackler.  Chopping at someone's knees from the side should not be tolerated.  Those who find nothing wrong with the play obviously have never played football and subjected their body to its rigors.  There are plenty of clean ways to get injured, so why allow players to hurt people in a low class way  like this? 

That being said thing about football is that if that hit were on a QB, it would be a penalty for sure, and if it took place in the NFL there would be a hefty fine.  I have yet to figure out why other players don't get protected the way QB's do (which I think is too much). 

But back to BYU v Nevada.  Penalty or not, I can't get over the fact that the officials all said they didn't see it.  I could buy it maybe if they said, "Coach, I saw the play, I didn't think it was a penalty."  But the fact that they all flat our denied it?  They need to be reviewed. 

I have little to no respect for players who aren't man enough to line a guy up and HIT him.  Chopping out someone's legs is for low life's.  If Bender believes in Karma, you'll probably see him with double knee braces on the rest of the year.