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BYU: A Winning Tradition - Off the Field

One of the great programs that Coach Mendenhall has brought to BYU football is the "Thursday's Hero" program.  Each Thursday the BYU football team celebrates and honors one of life's true heroes.  The first Hero of this year's fall camp was Steve Russon. 

Two and half years ago Steve was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gherig disease.  ALS has quickly diminished Steve's ability to get around as he once did.  A life long BYU fan, some of Steve's fondest childhood memories were using his families season tickets to go to the BYU football games.  When he got older and had a family of his own, he continued the tradition by purchasing his own set of season tickets.  Steve now enjoys watching the games at home with his son. 

Those who are close to Steve always admire how compassionate and willing to serve he is.  He is truly an example to us all of how to look adversity in the eye and tell it, I WILL!  I will defeat you! 

Take a moment to view this video clip of Steve's visit to the BYU Football practice: "Steve Russon's visit to BYU"