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Heaps or Nelson? The Answer:

Jake or Riley? Never has a question evoked such debate and quarrel among BYU Nation. Fortunately, I have solved the problem.

Want to see who should start? Check out the jump:


We all have our opinions as to who gives the team the best chance to win and why. This drama cannot tear us apart, as it has started to do. There is no Team Riley, no Team Heaps.

There is just Team BYU.

No matter who your personal preference is, when the "other" QB is in, HE should be "your" QB.

NEVER should you be led to actively "cheer" against the "other." If you are guilty of this, stop now. Support your team. Genuinely cheer and be happy when they succeed.

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, or voicing it. But, the bottom line is this: never should your opinion lead you to cheer against your team.

We are BYU. Let us stay that way.