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The Time Has Come: Heaps Must Start

TCU was Riley Nelson's grand test, the chance for him to show the world that he had indeed improved as a passer from previous years. TCU was supposed to be the game where we would learn who Riley Nelson really was.

And we did.

Riley Nelson is who we thought he was.

Riley Nelson is a fiery, gritty player who plays his butt off and gives all for the team; a player who is easy to cheer for. a player who can scramble and keep plays alive. A player who inspires others.

A player who can't beat good, or even average, defenses. (His best win was vs. the 52nd ranked total defense)

A player who has reached his ceiling.

A player who can't lead BYU to the promised land.

Let's talk about Jake Heaps. Has Heaps beaten good, or average defenses? Yes, and more than once. Has Heaps reached his ceiling? Not even close. Can Heaps lead BYU to the promised land? Absolutely he can.

The upside of Jake Heaps is too much to throw away; BYU absolutely CANNOT AFFORD to let a chance to develop and groom a QB of this caliber float by the wayside.

Jake Heaps is the only chance we have to be elite in the coming years. Jake Heaps is the only chance we have to win 10 games in 2012, or 2013. Jake Heaps is the only chance we have to compete for a BCS bowl in the near future.

I love Riley Nelson. But he is not the answer.

Jake Heaps must start, and he must start now.