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BYU to the Big East: Good or Bad Idea?

I, for one, do not think this will even materialize. The Big East is broken, and even with the probable additions, will most likely lose AQ status.

IF we are able to keep the bulk of our ESPN deal as well as tier 3 rights for BYU TV broadcasts, AND we receive the assurance the Big East will stay AQ, I might consider it.

If such concessions are NOT met, the new Big East is nothing more than the "east" version of the old MWC.

No thank you.

I, for one, hate the idea of leaving basketball and other sports in the WCC while football goes to a new conference. I understand the sensibility of separating in order to make Independence work, but two separate conferences? C'mon, man!

Independence is still better than the Big East (without the previously listed concessions).

Independence is also still worse than the Big XII.