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Some Homework For You!

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I'm curious as to your opinion, you know, since I love all of you so very much and all. :D

Here's your assignment:

I want each of you to make a list of your Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks. List their strengths, and weaknesses if you can.

I'm curious to see what we want and what we all think is important in a Quarterback. That is the purpose of this exercise.

Disclaimer: I did not include Peyton as he is hurt. He would have been ahead of all but Brady and Rodgers. Strong, accurate arm. Smart. Makes every throw. Deceptively elusive due to his quick release, makes up for his immobility.

Here's my current 5:

5. Michael Vick

-Elusive playmaker. Accurate enough to keep defenses honest. Can scramble. Throws well enough on the run. Dual-threat; arm is respected too.

4. Ben Roethlisberger

-I hate Ben. But, he is a playmaker, tough to bring down, gritty, elusive in and out of the pocket. Throws well on the run; accurate. Can throw the deep ball.

3. Drew Brees

-Accurate beyond belief. Can make every throw. Smart. Reads defenses well.

2. Tom Brady

-Can make every throw, smart, extremely accurate. Gritty. Confident. Clutch. Winner, with big arm.

1. Aaron Rodgers

-Elusive in pocket; can avoid the blitz. Can scramble if need be. Confident. Elite while throwing on the run. Most accurate QB I can ever remember watching. Elite because he maintains this accuracy throwing on the run. Can make every throw; throws the deep ball well.


The key for me is accuracy, combined with pocket awareness and the ability to make every throw. Confidence plays a part as well.

How about you?