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The Eyes of Matt Carlino Are Upon You

Matt Carlino scored 19 points during just his fourth collegiate game Tuesday against Cal State-San Marcos. It was the latest in a string of high-scoring performances, but BYU fans aren't impressed by the points alone; they are excited at the way those points are coming.

Example: as BYU still struggled to pull away at the midpoint of the second half on Tuesday, Carlino hit a deep three and, while fans were busy celebrating, stole the subsequent inbounds pass and scored another two.

The play was not unique. A few minutes later, Carlino again singlehandedly stole the ball as San Marcos attempted to cross half court and again scored a layup. Carlino's intensity electrified the Marriott Center and spurred BYU to a 20-4 run that put the game out of question.

Aggression resulting in big plays that deflate the opposition and spark teammates. Is this really what we get to watch for the next 3-1/2 years?