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Dear VTFers,

I see that VTF isn't as dead as I thought it was, I usually just checked the front page on my phone and never went to the fan posts. you could imagine my surprise when I decide to check out the fan posts and there is some life! (Even if very little.)

I remember in coming across this blog in late November or early December and finding it clinging to life by a few strings. Then I decided to attempt to revitalize the site and post on it regularly. And I ended up as an editor and made a few posts. But then winter break came (I am a student, although sadly not at BYU) and now my schedule allows for little else other than school work (18 credits sucks.) So I haven't been able to hold true to my vow. I gave up the site for dead, but there still seems to be hope.

Now I shall renew my vow to post at least once a week, if only a game thread with a short preview. But I encourage all of you to do fan posts, fan shots, and comment whenever you get the urge. And even if you don't get the urge. It'll take a community effort to bring this site to life and I shall try to find some time.

I hope you all decide to put in some effort to revitalizing this blog. I will do what I can. And if anyone wants to become author I would suggest emailing Staffieri at Hopefully he checks that email still.

And be sure to comment on this if you support revitalizing this blog!