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Lots 'o Links

I'm going to try to do this more often, but no guarantee's on how often. With that, here are the links.

Will BYU and TCU continue to play in football? In basketball? Dick Harmon from the Deseret News explores the possibility of continuing our rivalry with the Horned Frogs after we go our separate ways. As a side note, I don't necessarily like Dick Harmon's writing, he has an air of arrogance as a BYU fan you get sometimes. But he makes a pretty good point.

Jimmer missed practice yesterday with a leg injury he got from the TCU game. Coach Rose said he doesn't yet know if Jimmer will practice today but the Salt Like Tribune reports that Jimmer says he will play on Wednesday.

Jimmer hasn't had a big game in a while, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The Cougars are proving they aren't a one man team. Other players have been having big games in Jimmer's slump.

Here's another article about BYU's new found depth.

This is all I got today, I'll try to get more stuff from other publications in the future. Enjoy!