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Open GameThread: Cougars vs. Rams

Before the preview today I'm going to give you a little run down of Saturday's game thread. Overall we had 91 comments, with about 67 of those coming during the game and 11 before it. Obviously the rest were after it. Last time I set a goal of five different people commenting, we had eight total and four in game, but this time I'll specify more: let's shoot to get five people here during the game with ten total commenters.

For our first game thread in a while I'd say it was a smashing success, and I think anyone who was there would agree with me. So let's all continue to put our best efforts into making this blog successful and a place where people want to go. So come out and comment, post, and vote (when there is a poll.)

Now for the preview.

Last time we played the Colorado State Rams all the media and fans were looking ahead to a big showdown on the weekend with a certain top 10 opponent. And it looks like that'll happen again (this time that game is nationally televised on CBS.) But if we've learned anything from this team it's that they never look ahead to the next game; although they were caught running backwards once. So to anyone looking at this as a potential trap game I say: we've done it once, we can do it again.

This time, thought, the Rams are coming off an immensely disappointing home loss to UNLV that all but crushes their at large tourney chances. Their only chance of getting an at large berth now is if they win at least three of their last four games; which means winning either this game or a March 5th matchup at San Diego State. That's a tall order for any team. But this is college basketball, anything can happen on any given night.

This game will be emotional for them, expect them to play hard and extremely physical. Also don't expect too many calls from the refs, they've been swallowing their whistles lately and I wouldn't anticipate that changing. As long as they call it the same for both sides I'll be ok with it.

And look out for Andy Ogide. He averages 16 points and 7 rebounds but last time he burned us for 18 points and 10 rebounds, one of his eight double-doubles this year. He is a beast on the boards and can easily get our big men into foul trouble. Last time Brandon Davies had five fouls, and Noah Hartsock and James Anderson had four each. I probably say this every game but it is imperative that our big men to stay out of foul trouble.

Right now BYU's has an RPI of 3, (down from 1 earlier in the season) a kenpom of 6, and a Sagarin of 5. The RPI probably went down because we've been playing the bottom of the Mountain West, who have very low RPI's. Colorado State's RPI ranking is 47, their kenpom is 67, and their Sagarin ranking is 62. They have a decent RPI, so if we win we'll get another top 50 win, which will hopefully boost our RPI. And I don't see them dropping below 50 unless they lose to Air Force or Utah which probably won't happen.

So come out and comment everyone, let's get as many people here as possible!

Oh, and tell me how I did this time.