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Lots 'o Links Jimmer POY and Best in the West Edition

Let's start with a little Jimmer POY love. The POY poll, which polls 50 journalists that actually vote for the POY award, has Jimmer winning the award by a large margine. Check it out! Eamonn Brennon, a Jimmer fan, follows this poll and says he doesn't see anyone unseating Jimmer if he keeps drop 30+.

And if you want more convincing evidence that Jimmer is poised to win the award check out Ken Pomeroy's kPOY. Granted this is before the CSU game but after a 34 point outing is there any way he could fall?

In Sports Illustrated's Power Rankings (Here's ESPN's) many references are made to Jimmer's POY run. There are also plenty of interesting stats worth taking a look at.

Here are a couple videos from ESPN highlighting Jimmer, the POY race, and our big matchup this weekend. Here and here.

Here's one from the Deseret News showing quotes from NBA players, a coach, and a former Champion about Jimmer Fredette.

The Salt Lake Trib has some videos from an interview with Jimmer regarding the upcoming game here and here.