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Lots 'o Links: Top Seed Edition

The past two weeks all the projected one seeds have lost, and a couple of them have lost twice or even three times (Texas). And in this stretch all BYU has done is won. We beat CSU and SDSU in San Diego. Put this all together and we're primed for a one seed. Of course we still need to take care of our business but I also think we need a little more luck to lock up that one seed; namely Duke losing again at North Carolina. But now for the links.

ESPN is starting to buy BYU as a top seed and Joe Lunardi is projecting the Cougs to be number one in the West. On his S-Curve (you'll have to do control-F to find the specific question; you can also do that and type "BYU" for all Cougar related stuff) he has BYU at #3 above Pitt and Duke. Pat Forde of ESPN is also giving us some top seed love. But one guy, Doug Gottlieb, had Texas above BYU still. But this was before they lost to Kansas State. And some Dave Rose love from Pat Forde's Forty Minutes column. And here's one more article from ESPN giving BYU top seed love, although this one is less serious and more light hearted.

But ESPN isn't the only one giving the Cougars some love. Sports Illustrated's Andy Glockner is also projecting BYU as a top seed. Here is some more BYU love from Glockner, and remember these were written before yesterdays Texas game also. Now this piece isn't about solely BYU, but if you scroll down to the "Other Hoops Thought" section there is plenty on the Cougars. Also make sure to check out all pages of that article.

CBS Sports and Fox Sports are also projecting BYU as a top seed, this seems to be getting repetitive doesn't it? And here's another one from CBS sports about BYU's big win and seeding and tourney possibilities.


This is all I could put together for now, well it's a lot, but I don't have any local media here. But it's nice to get some national love and be recognized. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it and have time to go through all of them. Also, what are your thoughts about BYU's chance at a one seed?