BYU and Davies soundoff

It is times like these that many of us gringe when we think of the honor code at BYU. To think if only this could have happened after the season was over...

I hope Davies doesn't suffer too much. I am sure he feels he let his teammates down. That his name has been smeared in mud.

But all in all Davies, like many of us, just made a mistake. BYU is more about souls than basketball championships and acted swiftly so that Davies could make recompense for his actions and repent. I think it is times like these that I am glad I cheer for the blue and white. I cheer for a university that keeps an eternal perspective. Which will be comforting come March. Sure we won't have Davies, and if we lose in March I will find comfort in knowing that it was because the blue and white cares more about the eternal welfare of its players than the glitter it can line its trophy cases with.


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