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Selection Sunday: What People Are Saying About BYU

Well, here we are on the most looked-forward-to day of the college basketball season: Selection Sunday. At 6 pm ET, the bracket will be announced on ESPN. If it weren't for the losses to New Mexico in the regular season and losing Brandon Davies, BYU would be a no questions asked top seed. But that, unfortunately, is not the case. National writers and so-called bracketologists are now very confused about where to place BYU. Do they still deserve to be such a high seed?

After the jump I have some links to a few projected brackets and its surprising how big of a difference there is between certain sites


Let's first start with SBNation's own Chris Dobbertean and Blogging the Bracket. He has BYU as the last 3 seed. Bracketology: Updated S-Curve And Bracket For Selection Sunday Morning - Blogging the Bracket

ESPN's Joe Lunardi has BYU as a 3 seed. Bracketology: Duke-UNC game may decide No. 1 seed - ESPN (Sorry. Looks like you need Insider to view this link.)

Next, Yahoo! admits that the dismissal of Brandon Davies is going to play a large part in the selection committee's decision since they take into account injuries and suspensions and they project BYU as a 4 seed because of this. College Basketball - Huguenin: Projecting the NCAA field of 68 also has BYU as a 4 seed but the thing to note here is SDSU as a 1 seed. NCAA College Basketball Tournament Bracket Predictions -

Here is an interesting website. These guys give the odds of each team reaching certain rounds in the tournament and the odds to win the whole thing. According to them, BYU has a 4.1% chance of winning the Big Dance. 2011 NCAA Bracket Odds for the NCAA Tournament Bracket

And lastly, ESPN also has a Women's Tournament projection and BYU, by virtue of losing to Utah in the MWC Championship game, is one of the First Four Out while Utah gets the 13 seed. Crazy stuff. Bracketology - Women's College Basketball Brackets and Predictions - ESPN



Also, happy birthday to sabbi. Here's to hoping the Cougs get a favorable seed and matchups for ya!