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Jimmerisms Thread

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College basketball fan across the nation-along with their wives, friends, and children-have caught Jimmermania. It's no longer something for only hardcore fans and Provoites (Provoians?). Jimmer Fredette is a household name. And along with his rock star like status many "Jimmerisms" have been born. Some of the most famous are "You Got Jimmered" and "Fredette About It."

So, what are some other "Jimmerisms" you've heard? They can be good, bad, or horrible but let's hear them. This is a just-for-fun thread so lets hear what you"ve got. Some of my favorite after the break.

"You Got Jimmered"

"Fredette About It"

"Peanut Butter Jimmer Time" (If you don't know what this is from check it out here.)

"Jimmerish" (Gibberish)

"One if by land, two if by sea, three if by Jimmer"

And of course, "Teach Me How to Jimmer: