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Lots 'o Links

Sorry for no Lots 'o Links last week, I was on spring break and didn't have much for it. But it's back! Enjoy!

Here's one from Draft Express about Jimmer's NBA prospect. Of course he'll find a place in the NBA, even if just as a spot up shooter off the bench. But in the right system, like D'Antoni's run-n-gun, he could excel amazingly. The article goes over his offensive arsenal, and talks about his sub-par defense. It's a pretty good read and it's always nice to get another perspective.

The NBA, whether it's players, coaches, or what not, can't get enough of Jimmer. Here's what Derrick Rose has to say about him.

Here's a great take on the BYU-Florida match up from a Florida based publication. They like Florida's chances, as you would easily guess, but are wary of the Jimmer. But who isn't?

The main guy defending Jimmer will be Kenny Boynton, a 6-2 guard. He's their best defender. But he fell awkwardly on his ankle against UCLA and had to be taken out of the game. Florida's plan for him? Rest him.

Here's an AAP piece about BYU's Sweet 16 run. And I will agree with Jimmer's quote at the end, even if our run ends here, I think this year will be a success.