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Open GameThread: BYU Cougars vs. Florida Gators

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Next Game

How we win (in no particular order):

  1. Hit our shots. It's that simple. If we hit our shots it minimizes rebound opportunities for Florida and it'll give the team confidence.
  2. Start strong. If we let Florida get out to a hot start and play from behind from the beginning it'll be tough to get back in it.
  3. Don't let them get hot from 3. They have a few players that can hit threes consistently, and a few more that can get hot from three. If they get hot it'll be hard to stop them.
  4. Everyone must contribute. Jimmer can carry us far but he needs help. Jackson Emery, Noah Hartsock, and Charles Abouo need to help out and we'll need at least Logan Magnusson or Kyle Collinsworth to step up too.
  5. Play big. For an example of this re-watch the Gonzaga game. Perfect example of what our bigs need to do.