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I've Been Upgraded!

As you all know I've been basically running this blog for a while. But the problem with that is I was only an author, as an author I didn't have much power. Basically all I could do was post stories and game threads. Well, not anymore! I have been officially upgraded to a manager! With my new managerial powers it'll but much easier to operate.

Now, if anyone wanted to help with the revitalization of this blog and has the time to do at least a post a week I could upgrade you to an author. We need to get as many posts a week as we can to try to lure people here and I can't do it alone. So if anyone is willing and has time it would help so much.

And to all the lurkers, I urge you to comment as much as possible and post fan posts/shots if you want/can. Let's make this a place BYU fans want to come to!

Thank for all your support the past couple of weeks, now we can get this going full throttle!