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MWC All-Conference Awards

No surprises at the top of the mountain.

Awards & Commentary after the jump.

Player of the Year: Jimmer Fredette (BYU)

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Jimmer receives the honor many felt he deserved last year. He averaged 31.4 points a game a game in conference play. Jimmer became the all-time scoring leader in the MWC this season as well. What else can you say? Is there a national POY award on the way? I believe so for sure.

Defensive Player of the Year: Jackson Emery (BYU)

Jackson steps out of Jimmer's long shadow from the offensive side of the court. His quick hands and willingness to go all out on every play won him this award, with an average of 2.7 steals per game in conference play. Even when his shot wasn't falling on the offensive end, he never let up and many times ignited the Cougar offense with a steal and break away dunk or lay up.

Freshman of the Year: Kendall Williams (New Mexico)

Williams lit up BYU in both of their games. Those performances alone garnered him this award, and I believe he earned it. It also helps that he averaged 10.1 points per game, tops among the frosh.

Newcomer of the Year: Drew Gordon (New Mexico)

I'll admit, I don't really find this to be a credible category. It's basically a "Hey, thanks for transferring to our conference" award. Gordon transfered from UCLA to new Mexico and join the Lobos in late December. His numbers are impressive, 13.9 points per game & 11.8 points per game in conference play.

Sixth Man of the Year: Pierce Hornung (CSU)

Hornung was a valuable asset off the bench for a much improved Colorado State Rams team. He averaged 4.3 points & 5.4 rebounds per game. Had Kyle Collingsworth not gotten injured (concussion), which allowed Charles Abouo to step into the spot light, you can make the claim the Abouo could have certainly won this award.

Coach of the year: Dave Rose (BYU) & Steve Fisher (SDSU)

Both coaches are very good. Both coaches did very well in league (14-2 each). Both coaches are deserving of recognition for their efforts, but in head-to-head match ups Dave Rose out coached Steve Fisher both times. The games between their two squads were hyped beyond belief. Both times, Rose's Cougars out-played Fisher's Aztecs. A lot of that has to do with the game plan's of each team.

First team All-MWC

Jimmer Fredette (BYU)
D.J. Gay (SDSU)
Dairese Gary (New Mexico)
Kawhi Leonard (SDSU)
Andy Ogide (CSU)

Second team All-MWC

Jackson Emery (BYU)
Tre'von Willis (UNLV)
Will Clyburn (Utah)
Drew Gordon (New Mexico)
Malcolm Thomas (SDSU)

Third team All-MWC

Michael Lyons (Air Force)
Hank Thorns (TCU)
Oscar Bellfield (UNLV)
Chase Standback (UNLV)
Brandon Davies (BYU)

All-MWC Defensive team

Jackson Emery (BYU)
Dairese Gary (New Mexico)
Kawhi Leonard (SDSU)
Malcolm Thomas (SDSU)
David Foster (Utah)

Honorable Mention All-MWC

Tom Fow (Air Force)
Travis Franklin (CSU)
Noah Hartsock (BYU)
Desmar Jackson (Wyoming)
Amath M'Baye (Wyoming)
Evan Washington (Air Force)
Josh Watkins (Utah)
Billy White (SDSU)
Kendall Williams (New Mexico)

Biggest Snub Award: Giving First team honors to D.J. Gay over Jackson Emery, who absolutely owned him in both head to head match ups.

Biggest "really?" Award: David Foster on the All-defensive team over Billy White or Charles Abouo. I get that he averaged 4 blocks a game, but the dude is 7'3". He should be getting doubled that. White played good defense against Jimmer in the showdown on the Montezuma Mesa. Abouo routinely covered the opposing teams big athletic wings, i.e. Kawhi Leonard, Will Clyburn, Tre'von Willis with varying degrees of success. Either would have been a better choice then the Australian on the hill.

Leave your take in the comments. Don't agree with the MWC voters or with my assessment, let it be known.