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Lots 'o Links

Alright the Lots 'o Links is back, enjoy!

Jim Weber from Lost Lettermen has a pretty good article about about BYU's public perception. It was inspired by Brandon Davies departure and the popular outcry against BYU. (As he mentions the most of the mainstream media applaud the decision but if you check out the comments sections on articles there are many who continue to condemn BYU.)

We all know Jimmer Fredette is pretty amazing, and a lot of us have probably wished we could do it like Jimmer does. Brad Rock from the DesNews has dreams of being Jimmer.

In this interview Jimmer talks about his spiritual side and the Church in his life. He also talks about how his popularity is like him being a missionary for the Church.

Ever wonder about some of the other sports at BYU? You know, the ones few people watch or care about. Well the Deseret news keeps track of them and their successes for us if you want to check it out.

Also #2 ranked BYU rugby beat #6 ranked Utah last week at Rio Tinto Stadium in the Wasatch Cup.\

After a tough week for the team it gets a well deserved breather before the MWC tournament. Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune goes over BYU's recent events.

Here's a preview on the MWC tournament from The Sports Network. It's a pretty good preview, if not all that in depth. But it's worth the read.

Pat Forde from ESPN talks about the NCAA tournament and about BYU's chances for a high seed. (Go to about the 1 minute mark.)