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Top Ten Tweets (Honor Code Edition)

The Top Ten Tweets is a new feature to VTF. For now it will be specific to certain events around BYU Athletics, with the hope of next fall becoming a weekly feature here. If you come across a funny/enlightening/amusing 140 character display, send a link of it to and you might just find it here. Also be sure to follow Vanquish The Foe on Twitter.

I know it is more than a week old, but i delved into the Twitter archives looking for some reaction at the BYU Honor Code, and boy did I find some. The Top 10 are all positive, but I certainly came across a lot of negative & misinformed tweets concerning the code. So i'm not trying to gloss over the issue and say that everyone loves BYU for doing what they did, I'm just trying to keep thing positive. I respect Brandon for coming forward and admitting his mistake, which we know is the case from the words of AD Tom Holmoe & Coach Dave Rose. I respect the school for standing by the Honor Code when so many other peers look past basic decency for success in the sports arena. With that said, here is your top ten. Add any others you might have seen in the comments.

Number 10

Number 09

Number 08

Number 07

Number 06

Number 05

Number 04

Number 03

Number 02

Number 01