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Lots 'o Links Jimmer Fredette POY Edition, again

This week's edition of Lots 'o Links will feature the Jimmer Fredette National Player of the Year award. As we all well know he's been the favorite for a while but it's nice to get a scope for just how far ahead of the pack he really is. So without any further ado:

Pat Forde is giving BYU and Jimmer more love in his Forde Minutes column. Although he doesn't have BYU wining the MWC tournament (he likes UNLV) he did pick Jimmer for his National Player of the year and for first team All-American. has also picked Jimmer for their POY candidate and first team All-American. In fact, Gary Parrish says he actually watch The mtn. in-gasp!-normal definition! (As opposed to HD.)

Here's another ESPN writer, Dick Vitale, who has tabbed Jimmer Fredette as the National Player of the Year. He also gives Jimmer a personal accolade putting him on "Dick Vitale's All-Solid Gold First Team" along with Kemba Walker, Jared Sullinger, Nolan Smith, and Derrick Williams.

You guys have seen this one before, it's the Player of the Year poll! And guess what, Jimmer is still on top. By quite a large margin too. He had a whopping 43 first place votes to second place Nolan Smith's 8. His total points is almost triple those of Smith and Jared Sullinger who tied for second.

And last, but of course not least, Sports Illustrated has also picked "The Jimmer" as their POY and a first team All-American. They said he is the "only logical choice for this award" and that he's "the country's most captivating player by a landslide."

Now of course there are those who haven't picked Jimmer as their POY ( and Yahoo! Sports) but let's not go there.

Did I say that was the last one? Oops. Well we all love to laugh at Tre'Von Willis. Or at least at what he says sometimes. He doesn't believe Jimmer deserved the MWC Player of the Year, even after he gave up 39 points to The Jimmer! Read here what he said for yourself.