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Lots 'o Links

While I was thinking about how we could make this blog better one thought occurred to me, maybe I should rename the "Lots 'o Links" section. It seems to generic and cheesy. So I decided to ask you guys what you thought. Do you like the "Lots 'o Links" name, or would you want to name it something else; maybe something BYU related? Post your thoughts and ideas in the comments. Now the links:

This coming season will be our first as an independent, and we've already seen some of the benefits of it. One of which is the greater ease at which we can schedule with ESPN backing us up. The first team on our schedule is Ole Miss. Ole Miss recently lost linebacker D.T. Shackelford to injury. Shackelford was a key player for Ole Miss and was their best linebacker. He's likely out for the entire season.

This is kind of old new but, Jimmer was kicked out of school for being to famous. Well, not really. He was asked by the school to stop attending classes because his presence was disruptive to the class. He is still finishing the classes online though. 

Dave Rose recently offered a scholarship to Western Nebraska Community College's Hauns Brereton. He is 6-7 and averaged 20 points 7 rebounds in JC. 

As we all know there was a lot of shuffling around of BYU's coaching staff after last season. Kurt Kragthorpe of the Trib takes a look at the changes made and how much of an improvement they were. One thing he has wrong in his article, though, is that Bronco did not let the entire offensive staff go, he told them to look for opportunities elsewhere while he evaluated his staff. 

Dick Harmon of the DesNews asks, "What do we know about this year's BYU football team?" One thing we know is that this year is different from last year. There has been more energy. The team feels more like a family, more cohesive than last year. If spring practice is anything to go by, this should be a great year for BYU.