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Tracking the Cougars (Formerly "Lots 'o Links")

Last time I brought up the possibility of a name change for the "Lots 'o Links" feature. So this time I'm going to test out one of the proposed new names. Do you like it? Do you not like it? Have a better idea? Post it in the comments below! The purpose of this, or any, blog is to serve the readers. So tell us what you want. There will also be a poll on some of the proposed names so don't forget to vote!

Because there's already a FanShot on James Anderson leaving I won't post the link. But I will give my opinion on the subject. I think Anderson leaving is a good thing for BYU. For one, it opens up a scholarship we can give to another player. (Link goes to conversation we had about an offered scholarship and who would have to leave/what would have to happen if he came on.) This also opens up playing time for Chris Collinsworth, Brandon Davies, and the two return missionaries we will have next season. Not trying to put down Anderson though, he stepped up when we needed him, but he's not exactly the best player on the court. (In fact I cringed every time he touched the ball.)

By now most of us have heard the outcry about the Deadspin article concerning BYU's Honor Code and racism. There's a Fan Post about it already but I'd like to address it here too. The Hans and OC Show on 1280 The Zone was talking about it this morning with Bryan Kehl; who played at BYU during the Crowton years along with some of the players mentioned in the article. Kehl has some great insight and said he put together a spreadsheet that I'd love to see, but alas I can't. The fact that some people take this article as fact hurts me, as a Mormon and a fan of BYU. I wish there were some way to get all the facts out to these people.

The annual Cougar Club Y Awards, that honor the top student athletes, were on Tuesday. The link is a list of all the award winners and their accomplishments. Jimmer won Male Crowd Pleaser, Male Athlete of the Year, and Performance of the Year. Jake Heaps won Male Rookie of the Year and Andrew Rich won the Ed Stein Outstanding Senior Male Athlete. Check it out.

Here's your update for your some of the other BYU sports. Men's and Womens Tennis are covered along with Mens soccer and Baseball.

I don't know if you guys have seen this site yet but they're selling 2011 Jimmer National Player of the Year posters. They even offer free shipping! It's a pretty cool poster and right now it's the only authorized poster of Jimmer.

Last year our tight ends were horrible. None of them recorded a touchdown. This season Lance Reynolds is given the task of revitalizing our tight ends and he's doing a pretty good job of it too.