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Tracking the Cougars

As we all know last football season was pretty bad. Especially because of higher expectations and four consecutive 10+ win seasons. A large contributing factor for the lackluster season was the brutal opening schedule. Well this season's schedule looks to be as front loaded as last years. BYU open's the season at Ole Miss; then we have to travel to Texas. After that the Cougars host Utah and a much improved UCF team. In our three first games we play the SEC, Big 12 (AKA the Longhorn Invitational Conference), and the Pac 12. Like last season we do finish the season with some cupcakes, this time it's the soon to be Sun Belt West (WAC). But, unlike last season, we have more of an identity. 

Andrea Adelson of ESPN seems to be on a roll with the BYU articles. In this one she gives three reasons why BYU's offense will be better than last year. Her points are very simple, but they're accurate. Having a defined starter, Jake Heaps, in spring will help him and the team. The depth will also pay dividends in tight games. And Brandon Doman looks like the OC fans have been calling for. 

We all know and love Jan Jorgensen for his inspirational play on the defensive line. Some of us-including myself-listen to him on this radio show on 104.7 and 1280 The Zone. But now that he's not crushing quarterbacks in the backfield he's crushing MMA fighters. Last Saturday he defeated Jeff Prescott by tapout in 1:33. 

Even though Jake Heaps picked BYU over his hometown Washington fans in Seattle are still interesting in him. Heaps appeared on a Seattle radio station for an interview. The sound bite is 15 minutes but it's worth the listen. 

It looks like our first opponent of the season, Ole Miss, is having it's own quarterback controversy this spring. At the beginning of spring they had four possible options for starting quarterback, and now it's down to three. This, along with the news that their best defensive players is out for the season, bodes well for BYU.