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Tracking the Cougars: Jimmer Goes Golfing Edition


Almost everyone on earth knows of Jimmer's amazing shooting ability; but how's his golf game? Despite admitting that he's not much of a golfer, Jimmer was invited to play in the American Century Championship. It's been reported that Jimmer would be paired with Charles Barkley, a notoriously bad golfer. The tournament will take place from July 12th to July 17th. You can buy tickets starting at $15 and it will be aired on NBC Sports and Versus from Friday the 15th to Sunday the 17th.

Andrea Adelson of ESPN answers a great question on BYU in her mailbag. The question is, which game on BYU's schedule will be the toughest? Adelson, and the asker, think it will be Texas; but I disagree. I think it'll be TCU. In all honesty it's probably a toss up. Texas had a down year last year and TCU is losing some key players. You can take your pick. 

As BYU fans we know the key reason for going independent in football is for exposure. Not for money, and not for more access to the BCS-although they are without a doubt contributing factors. In our first year of independence BYU will receive the same BCS privileges as fellow independents Army and Navy. BYU, Army, and Navy are all eligible for an at large bid if they have at least nine wins and are ranked in the top 14 in the BCS rankings.

The ESPN satellite bus arrives on the BYU campus today. The bus is on a month long tour across the country to interview coaches and players and to cover spring football.