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Recruiting Tidbits

Hey team, this is my first post here at Vanquish The Foe.  If you want to send gift baskets to help me feel welcome, I like peanut butter.  I just wanted to do a quick post to get my feet wet.

From me, you will primarily see posts that are about BYU's recruiting efforts.  My background in recruiting started back when I began playing NCAA Football on my playstation.  From there, it's kind of turned into an obsession (but with actual high school prospects).    

As you already know, Vince Biegel has committed to Wisconsin.  Oh well, you win some, and you lose some.  The good news about this loss, is that BYU lost Biegel to the Badgers, and not to someone like Utah.  Even though Biegel would've been pretty awesome in Bronco's defense, you can't overlook the potential that BYU already has on the roster.  If Biegel doesn't want to be at BYU, that's no hair off Bronco's chest.

In basketball, something that should get you excited, is that coaches were in Chicago last week looking at Jabari Parker.  Parker doesn't have BYU listed in his top 5, but he is only a sophomore, there is still a lot that can happen.  He is taking an unofficial visit to Washington soon, and word has it that he will be attending BYU's basketball camp this summer.  

Both Parker and Jackson Emery's little brother, Nick, were named sophomore All-Americans by Maxpreps

It's that time of year again where there really isn't much news going on.  But hang in there, and wait until Junior Day, we will see some scholarship offers go out, and perhaps some commits that week as well.  

You'll want to visit Vanquish The Foe often.  So, make sure you have it bookmarked.  

Seriously, go bookmark it.