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Tracking the Cougars: Jimmer Gets a TV Deal?


What??? Jimmer signed a tv deal? Well, kind of. He signed a deal with a production company called Tupelo-Honey Productions to chronicle his life pre-draft. Jimmer agreed to shoot over 100 hours of film through 30 days. Tupelo-Honey President Cary Glotzer plans to produce a daily two to four minute webisode, a daily video blog, and a weekly recap. After the 30 day are over the company will produce a documentary for either tv or theater release. 

As we all know Vince Biegel, the top linebacker recruit on BYU's boards, committed to Wisconsin over BYU. But despite that loss BYU still look to land a top linbacker class. Brandon Gurney looks at the 2012 LB class in depth and explains why linebacker is so important to the BYU defense. 

Want to know how BYU ranks among other schools in the nation in draft picks per school? Rivals takes a look at draft picks per school since 2000 along with first round picks. Our numbers aren't the greatest, but they aren't horrible. Only TCU and Utah rank ahead of us in the MWC. One thing to remember is that this includes all the Crowton years so many of us want to forget. 

Andrea Adelson of ESPN did a preview of BYU freshman offensive tackle Ryker Mathews. Mathews was a highly touted recruit coming in and has filled in for Matt Reynolds during spring practice. According to just about everyone Mathews is very capable and can immediately help out.