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Cougar Captions: The Jimmer Edition

We are going to start a new feature here at VTF. My hope is that this will be something that will give a bit of comical relief to get us ready for the weekend after a long week of work, school, or whatever else we may have. So, may I introduce to you Cougar Captions. Each Friday I will post a picture here that has to do with BYU sports. There may occasionally be a photo that doesn't deal directly with sports but it will be BYU related.

The rules are simple: look at the photo and write your caption in the comments section. If you like what someone else put as their caption, recommend it. The comment with the most recs wins. As for now, the prize for best caption is just bragging rights but maybe in the future we can give something away for special occasions.

Now without further ado:

My caption after the jump (if you like mine best, rec the story):

Jimmer: "Gross! This VitaminWater tastes nasty! Now I must go score 52 to show my displeasure."
Suit Guy: "Duly noted, Jimmer. We'll have Gatorade next time."