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Lots 'o Links

So this'll be my final exclusively basketball "Lots 'o Links" of the season. I won't be doing any football ones because I'll be doing a spring practice post soon that will cover all football stuff. So enjoy!

As you've all probably heard there have been many questions concerning the BYU coaching staff. Dave Rose has been mentioned for several head coaching jobs including Oklahoma, NC State, and Utah to mention a few. And he even received offers from various schools. But he recently signed a new 5 year contract with BYU.

But even though Rose is leaving, top assistant and recruiter Dave Rice is the top candidate for the UNLV job vacated by Lon Kruger. Rice is a UNLV alum and was on the 1990-91 Final Four teams. Here's a breakdown of the four finalists for the UNLV job. I would hate to lose Rice, being our best recruiter. He's done great things at BYU but I think he's the best man for the UNLV job.

I know there's already a FanShot of this but I wanted to add in this piece from Brandon Gurney. He breaks down the commitment in three categories. It's a very good read so check it out. (Oops! I know I said no football but here's a football one. I couldn't help but put this one in though.)

The future of the BYU basketball program is full of questions. And Jeff Call of the DesNews highlights five of them. He asks about the Dave Rice situation, personnel issues, and scheduling. With Jimmer and Jackson leaving and Davies yet to be decided there are many questions on how the team will be next year. And with the move into a weaker conference how will we schedule? Will BYU try to emulate Gonzaga with a tough non-conference or will they follow Stew Morril's philosophy?

We all remember Rick Reilly's scathing on Jimmer and BYU in general. Well he has addressed some of the issues people had with the article in his mailbag post. Personally I think he's still being a bit insensitive. He still made light of some of his comments and denied they were offensive. And some of the emails he got that he labeled "not going to heaven either" are just plain ignorant and stupid. Also, I want to hold him on some of the promises he makes in this. I'd like to see him wax the Marriott Center floor by hand.