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Open Thread: NBA Draft lottery

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The real discussion of "Where will Jimmer go?" begins today.We will be covering Jimmer's Journey here at VTF all along the way.

Broadcast info: Tune in on ESPN at 6:30 pm MDT before the Dallas - OKC game. If you are driving, you can catch some great coverage on your local ESPN affiliate. In the SLC market, 1320 KFAN (the Jazz flagship radio station) will stay on live with Bolerjack, Locke & Garrard through the lottery process breaking everything down. So tune in there if you want a more local break down.

Discussion #1: Poll. What team does Jimmer fit best with? Debate it our in the comments.

Discussion #2: Favorite Jimmer moment from his BYU career?

Discussion #3: What summer movie are looking most forward to?