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From The Shadow of Rugby Comes a Lacrosse Championship

Amidst all the hype from the sixth straight Cal-BYU College Premier Division Rugby Championship, BYU Lacrosse ends up taking home the hardware. Yesterday-and the whole week-was filled with the talk of rugby. Mostly because the game was to be played in our own back yard, after five years of playing at Cal. And with the hype came lofty expectations.

Everyone was saying that this was our year, it was on our turf. Even the Cal coach said his team was the underdog. Alas, this wasn't our year. The Cal Golden Bear, the most storied program in all of college rugby, came out with their 26th national title. But I'll give props to Cal. They played a much better overall game and they deserved it.

And with that, I sign off on rugby; at least until the next Cal-BYU championship. It's not like anyone else will take these teams out of the title game. (For some game recaps check here and here.)

Now on to the club that won their championship game; Lacrosse. I'll admit, I didn't even know the Lacrosse team was playing for the championship Saturday until I got on Twitter and saw the official BYU lacrosse twitter account tweeting about it. They beat the Arizona State Sun Devils 10-8 for their fourth Collegiate Lacrosse Association National Championship. The four championships tie them for most in league history.

Because I don't know much about lacrosse (should have studied up on this instead!) and because I didn't watch the game I can't give it a proper recap. Instead I'll help you make your way over to BYU's official lacrosse website for the recap.

It's a great day any BYU program wins a championship. So rather than get down over the rugby loss, let's bask in the light of our championship lacrosse program.