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Getting To Know Sabbi

Hey there VTFers, a couple of week ago I realized that even though all my writers and I have taken over the site, you know virtually nothing about us. For all you know we could be a bunch of Utah trolls gaining your trust just to stab you in your collective backs once football season comes. (Because we all know Utah fans only care about the sports that are winning.) So I decided to have a week of introductions.

Each of the VTF contributors are going to write a short piece about themselves that includes a little bit about ourselves, why we are BYU fans, and their first memory of a BYU sporting event. And to everyone reading this, feel free to do the same in the comments section if you're up to it.

Now to a bit about me

I was born in Los Angeles at the USC hospital, though I hate USC. My mom says it's because of a bad experience there. I tell her I can't remember a thing. We only lived in LA for 9 months before my dad relocated us to Little Rock, Arkansas to go to law school there. (Thankfully I remember nothing from Arkansas either.)

A couple of years later we packed up and made our way to Provo, Utah. Which is when I became a BYU fan. My mom went to BYU law school and had two more kids before we moved north a bit to Lehi when I was five.

When my parents divorced my mom decided to jump ship move up to Salt Lake, just down the street of our archrival, the University of Utah. But it was convenient because we moved just a block away from ice rink my sister and I skated at. I played hockey and my sister figure skated. (Which I still say is not a sport.)

Right now I still live in Salt Lake (yup, same place although I'm younger than you might think) and I'm an engineering student at Salt Lake Community College. Eventually I plan on finishing my bachelors at the U (I know, I'm horrible.) then going to Utah State for a masters. (Seriously? And I call myself a BYU fan...)

Like I said above, I became a BYU fan when we moved to Provo and I was old enough to understand what being a true fanatic meant. But until we moved to SLC I was more of a casual fan. I went to a few games, followed them loosely, and trash talked with Utah fans during rivalry week. Now the trash talking's year long, I follow BYU sports like a shadow, and I take pride even when a lowly club team has success. While living in enemy territory my fandom has grown exponentially. And I'd have it no other way.

My first noteworthy memory from a BYU sporting event (read: my first memory that didn't solely include the back of people's heads) was at a basketball game in the Marriott Center. I remember I was standing on my seat, yelling and screaming for my team to win. Problem was, I was cheering for the wrong team! (In my defense both teams' colors were blue and white.) I had gotten the jerseys mixed up and I assumed my team was the one winning-we weren't. So after a while-probably after my dad finally stopped laughing-my dad told me I was cheering for the wrong team. I told him I wasn't but he proved to me I was wrong. From that point forward I was so embarrassed I sat in my seat quietly and watched the back of people's heads intently.

On that note I encourage you to share a little about yourselves, or at least a memory if you don't want to get to personal. Also if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Tomorrow look forward to getting to know wheatie_87.