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Tracking The Cougars: If The Big 12 Comes Calling

Just a short note before I get to the links, I'm going to be testing out a new format for Tracking The Cougars that will hopefully promote more discussion. So on to the links!

Expansion is all but over, so expansion talk should be too right? Well no; especially with the new super conference idea implanted in people's heads. (Learn from the WAC people, learn from the WAC.) Although the Big 12 has stated multiple times since losing Nebraska and Colorado that they have no plans of expanding back to twelve teams pundits continue to speculate who would be a best fit should the conference decide to expand.

The Big 12 Blog at ESPN recently conducted a poll asking fans where they think the Big 12 should expand. Because the most obvious expansion would be getting back to twelve teams the options are in twos with BYU being listed with Air Force. The poll results show that Arizona/Arizona State won a plurality of the votes with 39%. BYU/AFA came in second of four choices with 28% of votes.

David Ubben, the Big 12 blogger, says that inviting either BYU or AFA would be a "solid move" citing their "so-called national brands." Now I have to say that BYU and AFA are national brands, if not on the scale Notre Dame is, and it can be argued that BYU is an international brand. The Big 12s leniency in t.v. contract would also be a plus if BYU wants to bring BYUtv to the table.

Ubben also did a mailbag, taking questions and comments on possible Big 12 expansions scenarios and BYU shows up quite a few times. Some other interesting scenarios include a couple Florida schools (???), Notre Dame with BYU, and Utah with BYU. You can also check the comments for more fan powered speculation.

If the Big 12 does expand and decides to send BYU an invite I think we should take it. Right now I'm loving independence. It provides so many opportunities and openings for BYU football; but I think being in a conference, with the stability that comes with it, would be the best thing. Look at Notre Dame. They were a once proud program on top of the college football world, but now they're struggling in mediocrity with very little to play for.

More links after the jump.

The Sacramento Bee comments on BYU's new football commit, Dylan Collie. I love the comments Collie makes,

Man, you have no idea (how good this feels). It's definitely the place for me. Can't wait to make a difference and keep the Collie name prevalent in Provo and throughout the nation.

If he's anything like his brother this will prove to be a great pickup for BYU.

This is kind of old news but Jake Heaps is the newest BYU cover boy. He made the cover of Athlon Sports along with big names Kellen More and Andrew Luck. The cover with Heaps is expected to hit the market on June 2nd.

BYU leaves the MWC as the top dog in the best way; with conference titles. We have won 140 regular season and tournament titles in all sports in twelve years. For comparison Utah won the second most with 49. That's a difference of 91 in twelve years. Just goes to show how big the losses of BYU and Utah will be to the MWC.

BYU will play New Mexico in the first round of the MWC baseball tournament today as a 3 seed. Because I don't follow baseball that's about all the info I can give on this one.

Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples has his post spring top 25 out. Although BYU doesn't come in he does have Utah at 25. I don't think they've done anything to merit being a top 25 team. Like it says they only return 11 starters, their starting QB sat out of spring practices with a shoulder injury, and they beat no one of merit last year. If they can pull off a few good wins then they deserve to be a top 25 team, but as it is I don't think they belong there.

And then of course there's Jimmer. Who will be facing the next great unknown-at least for him-in the NBA.

EDIT: Forgot about this one. ESPN's Andy Katz takes a look at what BYU basketball might look like in the post Jimmer era.