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Tracking The Cougars: Future Scheduling Possibilities

Most of you have probably seen this already but I'm going to address it anyways; along with something more recent-if also somewhat well known. It's being reported by several sources that BYU has been getting offers from multiple power-house programs to schedule future games. Deep Shades of Blue reports on a HB Arnett's Cougar Sportsline (need a subscription) and adds in some of there own reporting.

One report says that BYU has all but finalized home/home/neutral games with Nebraska and Wisconsin. Although no dates are given they're saying that the Nebraska neutral game will be played in Denver and the Wisconsin neutral game will be in Chicago. If this is true (HB Arnett is pretty reliable) than those are some big names BYU has scheduled. Historically, and recently, Nebraska and Wisconsin are successful big name programs. 

The Deep Shades of Blue article also reports that contracts are in the works to schedule Penn State-working with LaVell Edwards and Joe Paterno's friendship, USC, and UCLA. 

The problem with scheduling all these big name programs is over scheduling them. Even the top teams play cupcakes, see the SEC. Not to mention the bottom feeders every conference has. BYU will have to find a balance win scheduling in order for it work out. 

BYU also has slated to renew their rivalry with Hawaii till 2020. There are no dates or places on the agreement but this is a good sign. It means that the game can be slated where ever BYU may need a to fill in a whole.  

There are also rumors from saying BYU will play two more H/H/N series against Syracuse and Ohio State. They also say we're slated to start the 2013 season at Arizona State. 


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