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JustinSchille: My Life in a Paragraph

My name is Justin Schille, and this is my story. I am 23, single, *wink* studying Business Management, Economics and Brazilian Portuguese here at Brigham Young University. I plan on going to law school after I graduate, and get super rich.

My first love is baseball. Grew up playing ball and played through high school. My twitter feed is full of optimistic Mariners tweets, if you're into that sort of thing. I played basketball in school growing up until I quit growing. To this day I think about what could have been. I took up golf in high school and ended up playing in the Washington High School State Tournament. I won't tell you what place I finished in.

I love my Seahawks and Sonics as well as the M's (RIP Supes) and I am also known to take hateful swipes at that team in OKC who shall-not-be-named. My parents both went to BYU, so naturally I grew up a fan. My first BYU football memory was watching Steve Sarkisian quarterback the Cougs in '96. I was hooked.

Sports are my greatest joy. There is nothing greater to me than having a game of catch with my dad. People connect through sports. Part of them lives and dies with their team. Through sports, strangers can come together; hope and love are generated.

I can be found on the softball fields in Provo, the BYU weight room, hitting the links at Sleepy Ridge Golf Course, fishing up the Canyon or out at Utah Lake, driving my pickup, and occasionally in class. Just kidding, I take school pretty seriously. No, really.

You can follow me on twitter at @JustinSchille

I know The Jimmer lives. Amen.